Olympic Winter Games - Day 8 - WOMEN

Standings after 12 sessions/End of Round Robin:

1. CAN 8-1 (Qualified for semifinals)
2. SWE 7-2 (Qualified for semifinals)
3. CHN 6-3 (Qualified for semifinals)
4. SUI 6-3 (Qualified for semifinals)
5. DEN 4-5
6. GER 3-6
7. GBR 3-6
8. JPN 3-6
9. RUS 3-6
10. USA 2-7

Women Session 12:
SUI-USA 10-3, CAN-RUS 7-3, JPN-DEN 5-7, SWE-GER 8-7 Women Session 11: JPN-SWE 6-10, SUI-GER 4-2, USA-CHN 5-6, CAN-GBR 6-5 (extra

Sweden, China and Switzerland join Canada as the teams that have qualified for the women’s semi-finals of the curling competition of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

The semi-final line up was decided in Session 11 earlier in the day. Anette Norberg and her Swedish teammates secured their spot with a 10-6 win against Japan. China beat the USA 6-5 for their place and Switzerland qualified after beating Germany 4-2.

"We knew we were going to have that hard start” said Swiss Skip Mirjam Ott after the game – referring to Switzerland’s first three games of the round robin against fellow semi-finalists Canada, Sweden and China. “It was tough to keep going on,” added Ott whose team lost those matches, “But I think we just got better as the games went on. We started too nervous maybe in the first few games."

Session 12 determined the final standings for the remaining six teams:
Denmark finishes the event in fifth position with four wins and five losses after beating Japan 7-5 in the final session. Germany, Great Britain, Japan and Russia finished up with three wins and six losses apiece.

Taking into account their head to head record in the round robin and the draw shot challenge ranking, Germany came sixth, Great Britain seventh and Japan eighth overall.

Ninth placed Russia took on Canada in the final session. Despite being 2-1 up by the fifth end, the Canadians struck back and took four to lead by 5-2 in the sixth end and eventually win the match by 7-3.

The USA finishes in tenth and final place after their 3-10 loss to Switzerland in the final round.

The women’s semi-finals will take place on Friday morning.