Team competition day one - Athlete quotes

  • Photo © WCF / Michael Burns

Flash quotes from the opening day of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 team competitions.

Kevin Koe (after opening 5-3 win over Italy): "Lucky enough we put this team together and this was the far out goal to get to the Olympics and do well here. I don't think we'll ever be the most consistent team out there, that just doesn't seem to be in the cards for us. It would be a little nicer but when we get to the big events we always do pretty well. The pressure is there, I don't think it's anything new. Obviously the Olympics is different for a couple of us and its magnified to a greater scale but we've all been fortunate enough to be team Canada a few times."
Kevin Koe (after 6-4 win over Great Britain): "I thought we handled the ice good. Any time you don't lose it's a good day, so that was a good start. We played a couple of really good games today against a couple of solid teams."

Bingyu Wang (after 7-2 opening win over Switzerland): "I can't believe it. It's the first game of the Olympic Games and it's against the Swiss. I know that they are so strong and we just tried our best. I think they made some mistakes and we won this game. But it's just the first game and we still need to be patient and look forward to the next games."

Great Britain

Kyle Smith (after 6-5 extra end win over Switzerland): "Thrown in at the deep end there, so perfect to come away with the win.

"It wasn't the best game from our point of view, we had a few missed shots that we would definitely have liked back. We pulled together and got ourselves back into the second half of the game. The boys played a good extra end and I just had to hit the paint to win, so you can't ask for more than that."

Eve Muirhead (after 10-3 win over Olympic Athlete from Russia team): "It's really important in any major Championship to get off to a strong start, and that's exactly what we did. I think it puts down a strong marker that we're here to fight to the bitter end - I thought the team played great."

Joel Retornaz (after 7-4 win over Norway): "We're feeling good. That was a good performance - very solid and the team played well. We had a good start - we were on fire from the beginning. We put them under pressure and didn't let them build anything. It was very important for us to survive this day with one win at least and we managed to do that today, so we're very happy about it."
J.D. Lind, coach (after 10-5 win over United States): "You always want to get off to a good start but to be up 7-0 in the beginning, we didn't expect that. It's a great start to hopefully a good competition for us."
Kosuke Morozumi (after 6-4 win over Norway): "That was the first win ever in the Olympics for our team, but it's just one game of curling so far. We're really happy because we could play our own game. The atmosphere here is real nice and that's good for us."
Anna Hasselborg (after 9-3 win over Denmark): "It was a great game, we played solid and it was good to come out with a win. I think we need to take steps all the way through the competition. This was the perfect first game and we learned something from every rock. We want to keep learning from every game. I think the team is going to be focused - so far, so good."
Niklas Edin (after opening win 9-5 over Denmark): "We played a really solid first game, even better than we expected to play. Our form is right where we wanted to be. We missed a few shots on the safe side, so to speak, but that's to be expected. I think we can play even more to get to 100% in the next games."
Niklas Edin (after 7-2 win over Korea): "I don't think we could have done a better first day -especially two games after not competing for three weeks and we have a couple of guys who haven't played the Olympics before. So, now we've got the nerves off and we're into the tournament. We had an almost perfect first day and now we're going to try to go harder for 100% shots."

United States

John Shuster (after 11-7 win over hosts Korea): "Definitely not the best we can put out there, but very solid. We executed the basic shots and when we got misses and half shots from the other team we capitalised on it. We wanted to focus on rock positioning and take advantage of any nerves that maybe those guys might have coming out there and we executed on both those things very solidly today."