Mixed doubles day two - athlete quotes

  • Anastasia Bryzgalova and Aleksandr Krushelnitckii Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Flash quotes from day two of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 mixed doubles competition.

John Morris (after 10-4 win over China): "I love Mixed Doubles, I think it's fantastic, it's an outstanding game. I love the fastness, the pace, the athleticism. It's already a hit in the rest of the world and I think it's only a matter of time before Canada really embraces it and is going to love it. I couldn't be happier playing this game."
Kaitlyn Lawes (after 8-2 win over Finland): "That puts us in a pretty good position going forward but still lots of games left to play. John made a couple of beauties in that end to get from freezes in play and luckily on my last one we were able to hold on and secure that five points."
Jim Cotter, coach (after 9-1 win over United States): "With them being a younger team I've been very happy with how they responded to the crowd. It's the first time they've had a lot of attention and they are feeding off the crowd very well.

"We didn't have the best game this morning, but they bounced back. I'm very impressed with them - you know, they're 20-22 years old - very young. They're actually pretty funny [off the ice] they crack a lot of jokes and they're light and have fun. Excited of course but they just go about their business and crack jokes and stay light."
Magnus Nedregotten (after 8-3 win over Korea): "That was good. It feels more and more natural to be out there. Being at the Olympics makes a big difference but it feels the same way once you're on the ice. I felt a chill in my spine last night, it makes you feel that this is something special."
Kristin Skaslien (after 6-5 win over Switzerland): "Magnus saved us in that last end and we were pretty sure we were shot before the last stone, but I asked Magnus to have a look just to be sure and I could see he was a bit uncertain. I can see that the time-clock is clicking down and I see thirteen seconds left and I switched into autopilot."

Olympic Athlete from Russia

Vasily Gudin; coach (after 7-5 win over Finland): "All wins are important when it's a short tournament, every point is really important. We were a little bit nervous at the start but they've got the skill to take control of their own emotions and get back into the game."
Anastasia Bryzgalova (after 6-5 extra end win over China): "For sure, this Chinese team is one of the top in the world. We played two world championships against them - one time we won, one time we lost. We play them lots in other tournaments, they are a very strong couple."


Martin Rios (after 9-4 win over United States): [what did you improve on this game] "Well, the first half nothing and the second half we just put together more precise communication. We had to put the shots where we wanted them and we just had to work on fixing that."