Team competition day six - athlete quotes

  • Team Switzerland Photo © WCF / Michael Burns

Flash quotes from the sixth day of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 team competitions.

Rachel Homan (after 8-3 win over Japan): "We're just playing consistently the way we know how to play and the way we know how to get the wins. We have to let go of the past and focus on the present. Staying in the moment but still enjoying our time here and our experience as Olympians. We're really proud that we're here representing Canada. We're going to give it our all and leave everything out there. If it's good enough, awesome, we can't wait to hopefully make play-offs and if a team comes out and plays better than us and deserves the win then they deserve the win."

Great Britain

Kyle Smith (after 7-6 win over Denmark): "The boys have been very good, they're given us big scoring areas when we've had those chances. I think at the fifth end break when we were two down we had a really good chat amongst ourselves. We didn't feel things were going particularly our way and we were feeling a bit flat. I was really pleased we bounced back, got our deuce in six to level the game up. There were a couple moments where it could have gone either way, but we came out on the right side of the end. That just shows the grit and determination we've got in our team."
Eve Muirhead (after 8-7 win over Switzerland): "It was a nail biter, wasn't it. It could have gone either way. There were a lot of really good shots there by both teams. We kind of controlled the score board, taking our twos in those even ends and getting our two in the last. We knew if we got our stones in good places and put on some pressure it was definitely doable.

Every single game of ours has been a nail biter and has come down to the last stone, last end, even on our losses. It is a grind; as a team we were expecting that coming in. The field here is really tough, the toughest I've seen for an Olympic Games. So, I'm delighted to be sitting still in contention. We've got another couple of really tough games to go so we've got to keep stepping it up."
J.D. Lind, coach (after 5-4 win over Sweden): "It was an interesting game for sure. There were a lot of chances on both sides and was close the whole way. It came down to the last rock, so you couldn't ask for more.

"We're doing all right on the rankings but for us it's just a matter of making sure we continue to play well. We got off to a good start and we've struggled a bit in the last few games. The position on the standings is important but we've just got to make sure we continue to play well, that's the main focus."
EunJung Kim (after 7-6 win over Sweden): "I'm not really sure about Anna's last stone being a mistake. It was really hard to make a draw on the ice, so that's maybe why there was a mistake. Sweden is very aggressive in their shots and strategy. I think they're one of the top teams in the world so we had to concentrate more on our play."
ChangMin Kim (after 8-6 win over Italy): "We weren't sure enough in yesterday's game however some of it was a good experience and it helped us to do well in this game, so I'm happy about that. We have two games left - I don't think we've shown all of our strong points so far and that's disappointing. We must reduce our mistakes and do better next time."

Olympic Athlete from Russia

Victoria Moiseeva (after 8-7 win over Denmark): "I really like playing against them, because they are always friendly. Even when we have all these game situations we are always on each other side and it feels really good. The vibes are only the good ones. We're soon to be family!

[on poor record] "We were really upset of course. When you see the standings we feel that we've played really bad but it wasn't like that. We've had three extra ends, and I know that says a lot but it doesn't matter when you only see the score in the end. It was really important for us to win one more game. I feel really confident on how we played today. I think we can try to get some more wins."


Silvana Tirinzoni (after 11-2 win over the Olympic Athlete from Russia team): "I haven't done the maths yet - maybe it's too late, but we're just going to try to win out and fight for some more wins, then who knows what happens. Everybody is beating everybody so maybe we still have a chance - I don't know.

"It was a very tough day yesterday so I'm actually proud how we came out this morning, trying to fight for every rock. Again, the second end was terrible, so it would have been easy to give up, but we didn't. We fought back and scored three in the next end - that's how I like to see my team perform. We have no choice - just keep fighting and see what happens."

Peter de Cruz (after 10-3 win over Sweden): "That was a nice win. I think it's a big win for us, it's a good confidence booster but it doesn't mean that's going happen every game against them. They're the number one team in the world for a reason, they know how to play. They struggled a bit with the ice today and we read the ice a little bit better, that was the key.

"We're definitely not the hot team - a lot of teams here are playing well at a high level, it's a really good competition and I think a lot of the games can go either way. In this game, it was one shot here and one shot there. Ben [fourth player Schwarz] had a perfect game and that helps a lot."

United States

Nina Roth (after 7-6 win over Denmark): "It was a fun game, kind of a rollercoaster. The ice was ‘interesting’ the rocks… whatever. We just wanted to keep our cool. We were putting them in difficult spots and she had to make a really difficult hard shot to get her one point in the ninth end. Just like I had to make a really hard shot to get my one point in the eighth end. Looking back on it, it was just a good game by both teams. We handled tricky ice together. We wanna go into the next games and try to win them all. We’ve got a big game against China tonight. I am really proud of how we are handling the pressure. Every pressure draw I get is just going to make us better.”
John Shuster (after 9-7 extra end win over Canada): "It was good to bounce back. You just hope it’s not too late. We kept ourselves in the mix and got a big win over an extremely good curling team. I was really proud of the way the team came together and played today.”
Nina Roth (after 10-4 win over China): "It’s awesome. We were in that slump where it was ‘win one lose one’, so it’s nice to put two wins back together. That was our goal coming into the day. Moving forward, we’ll celebrate this one for a little bit and focus on getting Korea tomorrow. There’s momentum in an individual game and momentum in this marathon of a week that we’re in. Everyone’s getting sharper and sharper, and more comfortable in every single game and with every single rock that we throw. I am really happy with how my team is playing and communicating."