Mixed doubles day three - athlete quotes

  • Team China Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Flash quotes from day three of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 mixed doubles competition.

John Morris; Canada (after 7-2 win over Switzerland): "The trick is to be patient. We're playing good, consistent curling and then getting some good wins. We know we're in for a tough one tonight. Both our games today we knew we'd have to battle through."

John Morris; Canada (after 8-2 win over Olympic Athlete from Russia): "I think it was our best team game. Kaitlyn made a lot of beauties, the first shot of the end really set the tone for us and we really kept the pressure on them. We're building a lot of momentum. We still have one tough game tomorrow against Korea then we're going to prepare the best we can for the semi-finals."
Dexin Ba (after 6-4 win over United States): "That was a big win. The importance of it is that we have found our confidence and now we hope we'll get better.

"All of these Olympic teams are very good so what we need to do is control our own game and our own rocks."
Marcel Rocque; coach (after 10-5 win over Finland): "There's a big mix-up here and I predicted tie-breakers. We just need to take care of our own business and let the chips fall where they may I hope we can take care of tomorrow and hope that we have a chance for a tie-breaker to get into the play-offs. Our goal coming in was to try to get into the play-offs and if that's via first place or tie-breaker at least we have a chance, so we're hoping."
Kristin Skaslien (after 7-6 extra end win over Finland): "I feel pumped! There was a lot of adrenaline out there on my last shot. I tried to just close everything out and go into autopilot again and it worked and luckily the shot was there. It means a lot to know we can do these shots under pressure, it makes us really confident. Finland, they played a really great game. They made a lot of shots out there."

Olympic Athlete from Russia

Vasily Gudin, coach (after 6-5 extra end win over Korea): "For the next game for sure we should keep out nerves from the game. If you see, the guys made difficult shot under pressure but they cannot make the easy shot because of nerves. It's the only thing we need to change before the game against Canada. Oh for sure, it gives a lot of confidence [triple take-out in extra end]. But for me, it's the come around freeze in the eighth end against three stones that put us in a safe position to go in the extra end with hammer."


Martin Rios, (after 6-4 win over Korea): "We had a good start - it was the first time we had hammer in the first end and we scored a deuce, it was pretty nice and important to us. We got a little lucky in the second end. Jenny made a perfect shot, otherwise they would have scored three and then we just built up a little advantage on them."

United States

Becca Hamilton (after 10-3 win over Norway): "You know that still wasn't our best game. We were fortunate to get some misses. The teams we were playing in the last couple of games were capitalising on our misses, so we were able to capitalise on theirs in that game.

"We've got to finish the round-robin strong here and get one more win and hopefully move that into our men's and women's teams."