Team competition day seven - athlete quotes

  • Team Korea Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Flash quotes from the seventh day of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 team competitions.

Marc Kennedy (after 8-4 win over Japan): "We're a little happier after that win. We thought we played pretty well and we got a couple of breaks - which is nice - we haven't had many in the last few days. We're in the mix still, so it's great.

"The international curling field is way different from ten years ago in Vancouver. The quality of these teams is unbelievable. So we expected to be coming in here scrambling for a play-off spot. That doesn't mean we couldn't go seven or eighth one, but we knew we'd have to play for every win against these teams."
Bingyu Wang (after 7-5 win over Canada): "We don't think about the play-offs. We just had two games where we struggled. We weren't playing the way we wanted to and we just wanted to have more games where we played the way we want to. So today we did, and it's not because we beat Canada, I think it's because we came back as a team. We just tried to change a little bit, and not give up 3 or 4 again. We know Canada is so strong so we didn't overthink it and we played our game. I trust my teammates and as I let the rock go I think they will make it."

Great Britain

Kyle Smith (after 10-3 win over Norway): "One more win and we'll be happy. We're very pleased, we were expecting a tough game because they always play well, but thankfully today we were a little bit sharper than them and I think that was the difference.

"They were going to be one of the contenders this week and it's a great feeling to play a team like that, with all their experience. For us to come out and beat them shows what we're made of. We've believed all the way and it's just pleasing that we've managed to put a good string of wins together now and we're in a position to be in control of our own destiny. It gives confidence."
Eve Muirhead (after 8-6 win over Japan): "It was a game of two halves. We went a couple down early on and then managed to get a big steal of three in the sixth end so that put us in control and overall I'm really pleased. The confidence in our team is very, very high and the ice conditions are great, we've got a fantastic coaching team - so why not go at it. We're making a lot of great curling shots, like I said it's really good curling. We're happy to get the win out there. We knew it was going to come down to the very last stone and that's what happened.

"I think tomorrow's game is going to be a very good game. It's always a big match-up Great Britain versus Canada. We're going to go out there tomorrow and play like we know we can play and leave absolutely nothing behind and I'm sure it will be a good game."
Joel Retornaz (after 6-4 win over Norway): "It was important for us to finish off with a good performance and a win. We've had lots of tight games this week and we lost most of them, but the performance was always there. It was really important for us, the group, the staff and everybody in our country to bring this home. We could have won more, and we should have won more, but it was really important to win the last one.

"Overall the experience was great. Getting the chance to represent your country at the Olympics and for myself, at 34 years old getting to play my second Olympics, it's a great feeling. There's lots of things going on back home, people cheering for us and it seems like curling is becoming very popular and hopefully that's going to last."
Kosuke Morozumi (after 6-4 win over Denmark): "Oh yes! 4-4! USA defeated Switzerland, we're still alive. We're happy! We just needed to think about just throwing good and making our shots. Korea started from having five losses in a row and now they have three wins in a row. They kind of have momentum, but we still need to think about playing good tomorrow. Two days ago we couldn't read the ice well, and now we can do it. Lots of people are watching from japan and that's the most important thing for us. Cheering gives us a big a power."
ChangMin Kim (after 8-7 win over Switzerland): "Today's game came out better than we expected but it's also an honour to throw last rock in front of a Korean audience. At first the encouragement from the audience was a big pressure for us but, as we thought about it, we think it was a big help. We might have only one game left now, but it is against Japan and that is very important to out country, so I'm going to focus on that one."
MinJung Kim, coach (after 9-6 win over United States): "We found out we made history, but we're not satisfied with only just this. We will do better in the rest of the matches. We feel like we want to give back to the spectators and all the Korean crowd because of the support they are giving us. They are putting so much importance on the fact that curling is not that popular, and people don't understand how we are doing well. We believe that if we do better and better people will have more interest in curling. Korean citizens think that we have come out of nowhere and we just appeared but we have practiced over 10 years and we are programmed and made to be like this. We have made a lot of effort to be in this position."
Niklas Edin (after 7-3 win over Italy): "We played a very focused game today. We talked a lot about the two games that we didn't play well, against Japan and Switzerland - playing well today was the key for us. Obviously the win was important too but for our confidence and going forward, playing well was vital. Being qualified now, we can check that off, but it's all about getting the hammer in the play-offs now."

United States

Tyler George (after 8-4 win over Switzerland): "I think it turned in the second end, in the third we were chasing a little bit to get out of trouble. Obviously any time you put three points up it’s a big momentum swing. I think it was building from the second end. They cracked a little bit before we even got to the fifth. I think we positioned rocks well.

"One through three – we weren’t quite as sharp as we were against Canada last night – but when your skip walks on water it doesn’t matter a whole lot. That’s fun to watch out there. John works so hard to get himself here and his team here and he’s earned the right to enjoy this – like he did today. When he’s going out there making everything and walking around like he owns the sheet. That’s fun to watch. If you get a skip that plays like that the rest of us could go out and play left-handed if we want and he’s probably still going to win the game!"