Team competition day four - athlete quotes

  • Victoria Moiseeva Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Flash quotes from the fourth day of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 team competitions.

Rachel Homan (after 11-3 win over United States): "It was a great game. Everyone came out firing. We knew we had to make a few adjustments and get a few more shots here and there. Everyone brought their A-game and we took every inch that they gave us and never let up. She just came up a little light to spot us that three but other than that it was really close."
Bingyu Wang (after 7-6 extra end win over Japan): "The Japanese team is very strong and we knew we had a tough game there. We just never gave up and tried everything. We got a three in the eighth end and then we just kept on. Then they got one in the tenth and we went to an extras end - we were so lucky for that because we had the chance to win and we did.

"For that last stone we had to prepare and get comfortable. I trusted my sweepers and I knew they could do it. We are happy to win. We've got five games more and we'll be doing our best."
Bingyu Wang, (after 10-7 win over Denmark): "I think that Denmark made mistakes and we got the points, so were lucky we got four points in the first end. We just kept going and stayed patient and trusted that they would give us a chance again. This is a new team so we just cheer for each other and stay patient and focused."

Great Britain

Eve Muirhead (after 7-6 win over Denmark): "We controlled the second-half of the game. There were a few missed shots in the first-half. What is positive to know is there are still gears to go up, we still have a lot of shot play in us. It is crucial that we show that and build some momentum. If you had asked me if I wanted to be in this position at this stage I would have taken it. The girls have been really good out there and we are playing great curling shots."
Kosuke Morozumi (after 6-5 win over Italy): "That was a tough game but we had hammer in the first end and we always had the lead, and that was good for us.

"We came back to a 2-2 tie [in the standings]. We're feeling good, it's pretty big for us. We played well from the first day. We controlled most of that game, we just need to keep the skip going for the next one. [on Olympic experience] It's really good because we qualified by ourselves for the first time, and we're playing as usual"
J.D. Lind, coach (after 10-5 win over Olympic Athlete from Russia): "They had a great game today. Probably the best one of the week. To be at the position we're at now in the week we've got to be pretty happy with that. We expect every game to be tight and for us just controlling the things we can control. They've done a good job reading the ice and staying calm and I think that's the key to doing well in these pressure situations."
ChangMin Kim (after 11-5 win over Great Britain): "In the first end I made a critical mistake. So, from the second end we played very aggressively which contributed to the good atmosphere. Until this match, we haven't showed our best performance or strategy so this match we did that."
EunJung Kim (after 7-4 win over Great Britain), "I wanted to have a good game and wanted to play together as four players. We got two points in the ninth end and 1 point in the tenth end so there was no problem."
Anna Hasselborg (after 8-7 win over Switzerland): "It feel good to win four - you can't do more than that, but you still need to win every game and play even better for each game that you play. We're just focusing on one game at a time. It's important to focus on every shot you make out there. There's only one or two games a day so you can give it your all, all the time."
Niklas Edin (after 5-2 win over Canada): "That was a special one for sure, both the way we turned that game around and the importance of it. Now we're in the position where we can win the round-robin and that would make us have the hammer in the play-offs and that's huge. That's the way you have to win these Olympic Games. Now I think we're in the front seat and the other teams have to up their performance to come back to us."


Peter de Cruz (after 7-5 win over Norway): "It was a tough one. We started without the hammer and I think we played a bit better than them at the beginning, so it was unfortunate not to have the hammer to capitalise on that. The momentum shifted when they were two up. We just tried to really stay in the game, not get too offensive and stay close and we knew we would have the opportunity. I think overall Thomas [Ulsrud] played well. But we played well enough to have the opportunities and make them."

United States

Nina Roth (after 7-6 extra end win over Olympic Athlete from Russia): "It [her final stone] felt really good out of my hand and then I saw the girls pound it. They’re great at judging and reading rocks, so they kind of knew they had to pound it and then it started curling – so all I could do was yell at them which I did!

"I had to put the broom down quick [in the tenth end as USA ran low on time], don’t try to overtalk or over think anything. We’d spent a lot of time thinking and working at angles as the Russian team like a lot of rocks in play. So it took a little bit of extra time."