Team competition day ten - athlete quotes

  • Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Flash quotes from the tenth day of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 team competitions.


Peter de Cruz (after winning Olympic bronze medals): "We set out to play an aggressive game, as usual. We just wanted to take more time to get the aggressive game going, we played a bit more conservative the first few ends. We made him shoot some difficult shots this game and that made us win the game.

[on starting 0-2] "I think that we've had that a few times in our careers. But not to this level - the Olympic level. All the emotions are so strong here. We knew the key was to accept the emotions, accept the stress and everything and let it be because you can't do anything about it. But to make sure that we were well and rested for the end of the week. We saved our energy for the last game and we deserved to win that.

[on being Olympic medallist] "It hasn't sunk in yet. What I made sure was to enjoy every moment. Even during the breaks, I would ask the umpires to stand up so I could sit down and look at what was going on around me left and right. The whole team really enjoyed the experience this week."
Kevin Koe (after 7-5 loss to Switzerland); "We're hugely disappointed. We feel like we're a better team than we showed in the play-offs and it just sucks. We just couldn't pull it our when we needed to. There were too many misses in our final games. They weren't our best games and we managed to keep it close, but it's tough when you're nit playing your best…what else can you say?

"Obviously it will some time to get over the sting of losing and not winning a medal. I'm proud of the guys… we battled. I'm sure at some point we'll look back, we're happy to be here and I wouldn't trade the experience for the world, but you've got to win those games in the medal rounds, and we didn't."
EunJung Kim (after 8-7 extra-end semi-final win over Japan): "Well I had pretty good shots which made me very confident. But I believe that without the team support this shot wouldn't have been possible. The best shots happened because of the other team members work.

"In the beginning of the whole competition, the focus was to beat every team we were faced with. But when we became first in the rankings, and then had this match, we really wanted to go into the finals and we became more focused on winning the medal."
Anna Hasselborg (after 10-5 semi-final win over Great Britain): "[Reaching the final] feels amazing. I am so proud of my team and how we've handled all the feelings all week. This is the most fun game I have ever played. I hope the gold medal game will be even more fun. [To take the gold] we need to focus on our own game and our own shots and be in the moment and have fun. We have a medal here! We will keep going and learn in every shot and every end."

Great Britain

Eve Muirhead (after 10-5 semi-final loss to Sweden): "Of course very disappointed to lose that game. It's a game that you've trained hard the last four years for. Sweden were very strong out there. As you see, I missed a few key draws and when you're putting the back foot against a strong team like that it's always going to be a very steep, uphill battle.

"As a team, we've been in this position before so we know how to deal with it. it is important that we do bounce back. I think we have to remember we still have a medal to play for. We'll come out strong tomorrow and give it our all to get a medal for team Great Britain."
Satsuki Fujisawa (after 8-7 extra-end semi-final loss to Korea): "I was so nervous during the game because the Korean women are our biggest competitors. Korea took three points from the first end and I thought 'that was it' but afterwards I made some deuce shots and that was ok. But our mistakes became Korea’s opportunity at the end and, while today’s match was still close, I’m still sad."