Mixed doubles medal day - athlete quotes

  • Photo © WCF / Michael Burns

Flash quotes from the medal day of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 mixed doubles competition.

Kaitlyn Lawes (after winning Olympic mixed doubles gold medals): "I honestly didn't feel like we were the favourites coming in. There are so many talented teams here who have had so much success at the world championships. We just wanted to focus on what we could do and try to get into those play-offs. I'm so proud of our efforts.

[on being 2-time Olympic gold medalist] "It sounds surreal and I don't know if it's ever going to sink in. The first one still hasn't yet, to be honest. It's an incredible honour to represent your country at the world's biggest stage and to be able to bring home a gold medal with John is an absolute honour."
John Morris (after winning Olympic mixed doubles gold medals): "You never know how many times you're going to be able to get to an Olympics. It's just such a privilege if you can get to one. So, the fact that we've been able to come to two and getting through such a tough country like Canada and wearing that maple leaf on your back, the pressure is always on you. Whether you're a hockey fan or a curling fan - everyone wants you to bring home that gold. So, it's so great we were able to do that, winning a gold medal."


Martin Rios (after taking Olympic mixed doubles silver medals): "I feel disappointed because of my performance. I felt it was everyone against Jenny. She fought hard but well, not enough. I just couldn't bring my best game today and that's what brings this disappointment."

Olympic Athlete from Russia

Anastasia Bryzgalova (after winning bronze medals): "We are very, very happy with this medal, there is nothing greater. We came here to win an Olympic medal and today we managed to do this so we are very happy. It's the only thing we can say about this right now. It's very important that we are family and speaking about today - that was important to survive yesterday's loss. Just to come out here today and to play a match we can be proud about. So the fact that we are family helps a lot."
Aleksandr Krushelnitckii (after winning bronze medals): "When we came here we didn't feel any special feelings. So we were absolutely calm. Then we had the first match - that we completely lost. We didn't feel the ice, we didn't feel anything. But after step by step we came to this and we can be proud about the whole tournament and all the matches."
Vasily Gudin; coach (after 8-4 bronze medal win over Norway): "We're happy, what is important is that we are happy about the quality of the game today, especially coming back from a tough loss yesterday to play a great game today, against a very strong opponent. I was sure that they would play much better than yesterday.

"Now I think we need to start to prepare for the next Olympics. These guys are hungry for medals and want gold. I think the Russian Curling Federation will help us prepare for the next Olympics. This couple is very young and intelligent and in my opinion they have a great future.

"This absolutely makes a difference to the Russian Curling Federation. We've waited since the beginning of Russian curling, now we have a medal. It's very important for us and our Federation. Now all the work has some material result and it means a lot."


Kristin Skaslien (after 8-4 loss to Olympic Athlete from Russia): "Well, I never became friends with my first rock so I never got it in a place I wanted. So we always ended up chasing them. We struggled out there, and they had a very good game. It was a well deserved win for them."