Team competition day eleven - athlete quotes

  • Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Flash quotes from the eleventh day of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 team competitions.

United States

John Shuster (after winning Olympic gold medals): [about the eighth end] "We could feel it building. The margin for error got incredibly small. I was happy to get the chance to make that last shot and put an exclamation mark on it. For me it was just focus. I can't tell you how un-nervous I was sitting in the hack to throw it. These guys around me - their belief and their hard work gave me the confidence just to sit in the hack and let it go.

"I think we saw that curling really has a chance for taking off in our country and we'd like nothing more than to help with that.

"You see us playing in a gold medal curling match against Sweden. They're not our neighbours, and they don't live close to us. However, two of those guys on the Swedish team were at Matt's wedding. These are our friends and the global community of curling is really an incredible group of people and it really embodies all that we hope humanity can be."
Satsuki Fujisawa (after winning Olympic bronze medals): "I can't believe that we got the medal. I am proud that we are the first medallists in curling history in Japan.

[on Eve Muirhead's missed shot] "At first, it was actually difficult to be happy about that shot. But as we've been participating in the games and gaining wins we have accepting the games. A win is a win."
J.D. Lind, coach (after winning Olympic bronze medals): "First medal ever for Japan. History in the making. It's something that this country's been trying to do since the Nagano Olympics. To finally get to do that for Japan, it's a huge day for sure. They'll always be Olympic medallists, they'll always have that. I know in Japan, already their pretty famous so that's only going to go up I'd imagine. It's been stressful and I definitely feel for Eve Muirhead's team. She had a shot to win and as fortunate as it is for us to win that game. I definitely feel for her, but that's curling and we'll take it."
Niklas Edin (after taking Olympic silver medals): "I think already in the seventh we were in big trouble. We took a lot of time deciding if maybe we wanted to play that difficult shot for maybe getting two points. I felt like I was going to make that shot for one, but I didn't feel we were going to win the game if I played that shot.

"They have a lot of fun. They take it easy so to speak. They have a lot of spirit. On tour sometimes they don't play well all the time, they're kind of up and down, but when they play well they really get a good team spirit going. I think they started this week 2-4 and obviously really turned things around from there. When they make the play-offs with that start they're going to have a lot of confidence and they're happy with what they're going to get, so to speak. They kind of had nothing to lose and we had everything to lose. Mentally when we got that lead, they went all in and we didn't play well enough. We let them back into the game. I think over the game they played better than us but over the whole tournament I think we were a stronger team. All we can do is try to get back in that same situation again and we will win one of them someday, I hope."

Great Britain

Eve Muirhead (after 5-3 loss to Japan): "Of course we're absolutely gutted. As a team we gave it absolutely everything out there, we left nothing out there. We battled hard and we've battled hard for the last three years. It just wasn't to be today. As a skip it's hard to take it when you have a shot to win. But I'm proud of my girls, it's been a long, long journey and unfortunately it's come to an end.

"It's going to hurt a lot. It's been a long three years, I've trained very hard and put in a lot of hours. You train hard for an Olympic Games - the Olympic Games was something I've dreamed of being at since I was a child and having a bronze medal before and coming away with nothing, it's hard - it's going to take a bit of time."