Mixed doubles day one - athlete quotes

  • Team Norway Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Flash quotes from day one of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 mixed doubles competition.

Kaitlyn Lawes (after 6-4 win over United States): "We had to bounce back after the first game and learn what the ice was doing and I'm really proud of that.

"It's such a fun game to play and I hope it's here to stay. From the feedback we've had so far, a lot of fans enjoy it."
Dexin Ba (after 8-7 extra-end win over Korea): "This was a very important victory for us. [on Finland coming back] it just proves that curling is a game that you don't know what will happen until the very end and the Koreans had a very strong showing so we just had to fight to the very end."
Kijeong Lee (after 9-4 win over Finland): "We think it's a great honour to be in the Olympics in the hometown, so we want to impress. [on Finland coming back] we were very nervous when they were catching up but we had confidence we would do better in the next end."
Magnus Nedregotten (after 9-6 win over Canada): "It feels amazing, for sure. It's a big confidence boost. Kristen's shot, the pistol corner there - that did something for our mentality. We figured 'okay, we can win this game'. It wasn't the best game there in the beginning, but we are getting better and better."

Olympic Athlete from Russia

Vasily Gudin, coach (after 4-3 win over Norway): "The team feel great about that win because it was a tough game. They [Norway] are very strong opponents. That was a very important game for us, we needed to win to come back.

"We had a couple of mistakes in the seventh, but in the eighth we realised our hammer through a great shot by Aleksandr."


Martin Rios (after 7-5 extra end win over China): "This is my first game on the Olympic stage so it was pretty special. It's just a great atmosphere here, the Koreans are great people, they're really cheering on their team.

"In the end, we're here for the excitement too. Of course, we want to get some easy 'Ws', but we know there are no easy games, seven really strong opponents so I think there will be some really close games."

Martin Rios (after 7-6 win over Finland): "Well, the result is perfect but I wouldn't say our day was perfect - we still have to eliminate some mistake to learn the ice and rocks better.

"Little mistakes can make a big difference here. I think our game was pretty okay. Two pretty strong opponents. For me, China is one of the favourites for sure. We knew we had the advantage after the half against Finland but we knew that if we let it go a little bit they would be right there. All the teams are playing really good curling."

United States

Jake Higgs; coach (after 9-3 win over the Olympic Athlete from Russia team): "Today was as good as we could have ever hoped. The team played fantastic, with percentages in the 80s for both players. This is the first Olympics for both so that was an amazing performance."