Team competition day three - athlete quotes

  • Norway's lead Haavard Vad Petersson and third Torger Nergaard © WCF / Richard Gray

Flash quotes from the third day of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 team competitions.

Kevin Koe (after 7-6 win over Korea): "We're playing pretty good. I thought that was our best game yet and getting better. That's where we want to be, we're not quite halfway and I feel we're improving and that's a good sign. We definitely haven't peaked yet. We've got a bit more to go but we're going in the right direction."


Rasmus Stjerne (after 6-4 win over Italy): "That was an important win. In the other games we were nearly there but not quite. In the first game we missed a key shot, in the second we missed too many shots overall. Today we made a combination of shots and we're super-thrilled we got the first win and we want more. We were slightly sharper on placement of rocks today."
Madeleine Dupont (after 9-8 extra-end win over Canada): "Well its always unexpected to win against Canada I think. At our level it's unexpected, so yes.

[on final shot] "I've seen her play lots and played against her many times and I never expected her to miss it. But it's the Olympics and you have to make every rock and its nerve wracking to be 0-2 and facing 0-3 so anyone can miss it. You can feel that they're not their usual 'them'. They're just different because they can feel this pressure, which we don't have."

SeongYeong Kim (after 7-5 win over Switzerland): "We are not focused on the other teams, we just try to focus on our own play.

"We didn't have a good game yesterday and that defeat influenced how we played today. We tried to concentrate on how to win today. In the locker room we talk to each other about the games. We have the basic skills so we try to control how we feel about the other games, and we try to control our feelings and abilities.

"Switzerland are a good team but they made mistakes and we thought that was a good chance for us to win."

Thomas Ulsrud (after 7-5 win over Korea): "I'm feeling better now. One and two is much better than zero and three. I thought we played pretty well in the last two games. Yesterday was a really close battle against Canada, so I'm not too worried about how it looks right now. This is my third Olympics and I know you can have three losses, but it's not as good strategy to lose all three at the beginning. Everybody is on top of their game."
Niklas Edin (after 7-5 win over United States): "We played really focused from the start and we made pretty much all of our chances at the beginning and they had a rough start so getting that four, that's almost the game right there. After that it was all about focusing and making shots and not looking at the scoreboard too much. We're number one on the rankings and I think we have real potential to win a medal, especially with the way we've started and the way we've played in the last two years."
Anna Hasselborg (after 5-4 extra-end win over Olympic Athlete from Russia): "It was a tough game. Lots of shots back and forth, all the time. We were happy that we could have hammer in the extra end. I think it's very good to play all the 11 ends because then you learn from the ice. We really like that. I think it's very important to just enjoy yourself and if you're nervous, let yourself be nervous but we have a very strong team chemistry, so we take a lot of comfort in that. We're having so much fun right now. Once you're out on the ice, it's just curling, and we know curling so we just have to keep doing what we're doing."
Niklas Edin (after 8-6 win over Great Britain): "The first three games, really close to perfect, we played solid; we worked as a team we had great communication. I think this game we looked a little tired. They had a really good start and we didn't. The first half I think they outplayed us and we were a bit lucky to stay in the game, still having a chance. Then in the 6th end we got 3 and the whole momentum changed."


Peter de Cruz (after 6-5 win over Japan): "I think we've had the momentum going from the first day, we just didn't have the result we wanted but I think we're where we want to be with the performance. We still have a few things to tweak, but we're almost there. We know that these guys are going to be very close at the end of the week [Japan] so it's really important to get a win against them to get a little advantage for a tie-breaker or qualification spot."

United States

John Shuster (after 9-5 win over Denmark): “It’s always good to come out and play a strong game and get a win. We came out with a similar mindset tonight but definitely executed right away to start off the game. We had a better feel for the ice. I think we fed off the raucous pro-USA crowd we had in there today. It made for a fun atmosphere when we got out there. I think we were able to carry that energy through and get a strong start.

“It’s always nice to hear Luke [his son] up there leading the cheers. I am really proud that a child a four years old can understand what’s going on and be that cheerleader.”