Team competition day eight - athlete quotes

  • Great Britain's Eve Muirhead © WCF / Michael Burns

Flash quotes from the eighth day of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 team competitions.

Brent Laing (after 8-3 win over Denmark): "We had no fear in us and we came out and played well today, so everything's good right now. We didn't change anything - in those three losses it was just a shot here and there. It wasn't like we were back-to-back misses, it was just the wrong shots at the wrong time. We got a few breaks and here we are. We'll approach the semi-final the same as we approach any game. We've been in big situations before."

Great Britain

Eve Muirhead (after 6-5 win over Canada): "That game was massive and I knew the outcome win or lose. As a team we played a fantastic game. I think for everyone watching it was a very high-class game. To get the win I'm delighted.

"[On the shot in the ninth end], of course that was a big shot and it kind of turned the tables a bit. But, as a skip I guess these are the shots you have to make. To book ourselves in the semi-final at the Olympic games is really special."
J.D. Lind; coach (after Japan qualified for the semi-final): "The semi-final feels good. It's a tough way to get in after that game against the Swiss, but we can't worry about one game, we've had a good week and our good performance this week has gotten us here.

"It's exciting to know that someone from the Pacific region will be getting a medal - that's an amazing thing for our sport. Two Asian teams getting there is a big deal. This competition has really showed the hard work that these nations are putting in is paying off.

"This team, they're just great people. They have a positive attitude and a work ethic. They are now able to show off all the hard work they've been doing."
Peter Gallant [coach] (after 11-2 win over Olympic Athlete from Russia): "We just want to keep doing what we've been doing all week and take every game the same way. We just want to take that same attitude into the semi-finals. They're really relaxed going out there and competing. Come play-off time, we just have to hope that we can prepare the way we've prepared for every other game."
Myung Sup Lim, coach (after 10-4 win over Japan): "We felt really good because there was a big crowd cheering and it helped us concentrate. Since many crowds of Korean people cheer for us I think Korean curling will be more popular to Korean people and the athletes will be training in better facilities. It was a great pleasure to participate in such a big game like the Olympics and we hoped to show Korean people how strong and attractive curling is.
MinJung Kim, coach (after 9-3 win over Denmark): "We need to settle down a bit now before the semi-final but we can make it to the final. We're just pleased to see curling in Korea becoming more popular."
Thomas Ulsrud (after 7-2 win over Sweden): "It's always nice to finish with a win but as they say, 'too little, too late'. At least we've proved to ourselves that we have that highest level of game in us, and are able to beat Sweden, who are ranked number one and one of the favourites to win gold. It just proves that our top level is good enough but the lowest level isn't. We had a lot of chances to make one or two more wins that we needed. We needed at least one or two more wins.

"The Olympics is always special. When I get back to the village to pack, I'm going to think it's four years to the next one. We haven't decided (our team future yet). Right now we're disappointed we didn't make the play-offs, so two weeks from now we're probably going to have a sit-down and decide if we still have the urge and the courage to go out there and practice hard."

Anna Hasselborg (after 8-4 win over China): "It feels amazing to seal a semi-final place. We had two really tough losses and then we had a day off to re-charge and get comfortable for this game. I think we played our best game this week so far, and I’m so, so proud of how we handled it and I’m very happy. Every one of the girls was there exactly where we wanted to be."
Anna Hasselborg (after 9-6 win over United States): "We had a very good game this morning, so we just tried to stay focused on things that we can improve. Of course, it's a little bit hard when you know you're already qualified, so we did a good job out there. We were also playing for the hammer, so that motivated us more - I think Nik didn't even play for the hammer today! We had stuff we wanted to learn on the ice so we tried to stay focused and even though we struggled sometimes I think we had a good game overall.

[on not looking to gold medal game] "I think that's very important. I think we kept our focus and were in the moment during the week so that's the key thing in the semi-finals. We know it's going to be a real battle out there. We just have to focus on ourselves and what we can do."


Silvana Tirinzoni (after 6-4 win over Denmark): "We were hoping we would at least have a chance until the end. But, it’s not hard to get yourself motivated to play here in this arena and at the Olympics. There are so many people watching so we’re just trying to make them proud and give our best. It is what it is, but we still want to play and show good curling."

United States

Tyler George (after 10-4 win over Great Britain): "This is what you dream about as a teenager when you are out practising and throwing rocks. If you want to play anybody at the Olympics with medals on the line – it’s Canada. To actually get to a game like that – man! It’s amazing! But we’ve played these guys plenty of times. This is not a situation that we’re going to be uncomfortable in. They are going to come at us with everything they’ve got – but man – it’s going to be fun!"