Mixed doubles day four - athlete quotes

  • Team Finland Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Flash quotes from day four of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 mixed doubles competition.

Kaitlyn Lawes (after 7-3 win over Korea): "The key is going to be patience. It's a big game in that semi-final. It's a clean slate, sudden death game for both teams. So, we'll just have to be patient and try to put the pressure on whoever we will be playing. It's going to be a battle because all the teams are great. If I wasn't nervous I wouldn't be human. I like that feeling, I like getting butterflies, it just means I care. When I go after it as best as possible, I'm nervous but that's why I love to play."
Marcel Rocque: coach (after 9-3 win over Norway): "We didn't talk about the importance of winning or losing [before this game]. We all know the reality and it's just a question of going out there and performing as an athlete. Not worrying about the wins and just worrying about what it takes to make shots and hopefully come out on the high end of the scoreboard - that happened for us today."


Oona Kauste (after 7-5 win over the United States): "It's been a hard week for us and it feels good to finally get the win. It's hard to lose game after game so it means a lot. It's amazing to be here as a Finnish athlete."

Kristin Skaslien (after 9-7 tie-breaker win over China): "We worked very hard, this has been our goal for several years so when you make it to the play-offs it's kind of a big relief because you worked so hard for it. Of course, we are very, very happy to be there. It's like a dream come true and to do this with Magnus, it's a big adventure."


Martin Rios (after 9-8 win over Olympic Athlete from Russia): "[how does Jenny keep making these last shots?] Well, it's her job [joking]. She was asking me if it was really there to tap it back a little bit. There was not a lot of risk on it and it was there, otherwise we would have been in extra end. Of course, I'm relieved, it was our goal. Now we just have to relax and stay focused. They're a brilliant team [OAR] and if you don't make the shots as they should be, they will profit on it. Jenny was always like that. If the pressure is on, really on, she plays her best."