Mixed doubles semi-finals - athlete quotes

  • Switzerland's Martin Rios Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Flash quotes from semi-final day of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 mixed doubles competition.

Kaitlyn Lawes (after 8-4 over Norway): "Norway are a fantastic team. They played their hearts out and it could have gone either way. We wish them all the best in the bronze medal game. That sudden-death game is huge at the Olympics and we knew it was going to be a tough one.

"It's an honour to be playing in the gold medal game, knowing that we've going to leave it all on the ice and we're coming home with a medal. It's incredible. I couldn't have dreamed for a better week for us, especially after losing that first game."
John Morris (after 8-4 win over Norway): "It was a high-pressure game but I love playing those games. In mixed doubles you've got to play a full eight ends. I wasn't sweating when we were missing a few chances in the first four ends. I've got nothing but faith in Kaitlin [Lawes], she's been an outstanding shooter and I just knew if I kept giving here chances she would make them, and she did.

"This means the world. This was where we wanted to be at the start of the week. We know we're going to have a heck of a battle in the final no matter who we play, they are two great teams."
Magnus Nedregotten (after 8-4 loss to Canada): "Canada played a little better [in second half]. They managed to control the ice conditions a little bit better than we did. But still, we had chances. We had some possibilities to make some key shots and it would have made it a bit difficult for them time after time. We just have to squeeze those delicate shots in there.

"[on winning bronze] Hopefully, it means we played a good game first of all - after that, bronze medal. It would mean that we reached our goal - which is to win a medal. It would feel so good when you've fought so hard and practiced so much. It will be a very tight game."

Olympic Athlete from Russia

Vasily Gudin, coach (after 7-5 loss to Switzerland): "Our team was nervous and didn't use our chances. That's the only difference. I was sure that we would take one, at least in the last end. But too many nerves and they didn't do their routine they usually do.

"They can come back, I know it. For sure, we won't be so nervous tomorrow."


Martin Rios (after 7-5 win over Olympic Athlete from Russia): "My reaction is one more, we need one more, that's it.

"I was really calm during that game, calmer than in all the seven games of the round-robin - I don't know why. We had a quick chat with our coaches and that was good and so calm, I felt that we had to win this game somehow. I made a couple of mistakes in five and six but in the end Jenny was there when the pressure was on - as always, a big credit on her.

"They've made a lot of shots, but this time we were the lucky winners but they should be proud of themselves. They are a great team and luck to them tomorrow."
Jenny Perret (after 7-5 over Olympic Athlete from Russia): "It's unbelievable I have no words for it at the moment. One more to go. I think a final is a final, it's 50/50"