Team competition day nine - athlete quotes

  • Team Switzerland Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Flash quotes from the ninth day of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 team competitions.



Niklas Edin (after 9-3 semi-final win over Switzerland): "That was fantastic. We played close to perfect there. We did everything we talked about doing. We kept calm, we didn't show any nerves and I think getting close to a perfect game in an Olympic semi-final is pretty fantastic.

"We've been training hard and long, I wouldn't say we're that much stronger than the other teams out there. We've set the foundation of how we want to train and work with our game. I hope I'll be back (to the Olympics) again, but stuff happens. In my mind it's all about the Olympic games and being in the final is a chance of a lifetime, and we're going to try to grab it."

United States

John Shuster (after 5-3 semi-final win over Canada): "Personally it’s very meaningful, but knowing the work that we’ve done together and seeing my teammates being the best versions of themselves along with myself is really, really exhilarating. Our team has had its back against the wall plenty of times. Come on, it’s the Olympics! Who’s going to give up? I’ve had some phenomenal teammates through this whole process and each one of them has played a part in getting us here. We’re just ready."
Kevin Koe (after 5-3 semi-final loss to United States): "We were in control in the eighth end so if my first one gets by we get a deuce and we probably win. So, just a frustrating game for us and obviously the turning point was the eighth end. We felt in control, any time your tied up with hammer you feel like you're in control and you are.

[on bronze medal game] "We'll have to come out and try our hardest. We're an experienced team, we'll have a chat later and try to regroup. We know there's a good chance we can play better tomorrow."


Peter de Cruz (after 9-5 tie-breaker win over Great Britain): "We're very happy. They had a really good game and they just gave us a chance in the ninth end. We had a small window there but we've been training for four years for those big moments, those big shots, and we just made it.

"I think we struggled to read the ice, we hit and rolled out, we didn't put the guards in the right place. We really struggled in the beginning but we were just patient enough, we knew we would have a chance at some point. Benoit [Schwarz, fourth player] brings coolness in the key moments and he is always calm. He always tries to stay positive in every situation.

"Before this, we had two average games and our opponents had good games. At the Olympics, if you play an average game, you're not going to beat anyone."
Peter de Cruz (after 9-3 semi-final loss to Sweden): "I think what was annoying on our part was that we weren't able to show up today for the game. We knew that if we wanted a chance to beat these guys we had to play close to 95 percent and we just didn't do it. the ice was more or less the same, we felt ready. We weren't tired, it's difficult to be tired for an Olympic semi-final; you're going to find motivation anyways. It's just that we struggled a bit with the ice and we didn't quite make the shots perfectly and they made everything. You have some games like that in sports. We didn't play our worst game, but definitely not good enough to beat these guys.

[on bronze medal game] "I think we just need to sleep on it and we'll really find motivation tomorrow without a problem. It's a big game. We've trained a long time to reach this so motivation won't be a problem."