Team competition day five - athlete quotes

  • © WCF / Richard Gray

Flash quotes from the fifth day of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 team competitions.

Rachel Homan (after 10-8 win over Switzerland): "We're feeling really great after that game. We made some huge shots with some real precision, soft weight shots we had to make. We had to make them all as a team. We missed a few but didn't panic and stuck with our process.

"We were able to get that three in nine. That's how we normally play and if someone comes out and shoots 100% and beats us, they deserve it, but we're going to play as best we can and we can only control what we're coming out with. Right now I really like where we're at and we've just got to keep going forward."


Rasmus Stjerne (after 9-8 extra end win over Korea): "That's a win and it was one of our best even though it wasn't pretty. It kind of sums up our Olympic so far, it's been up and down and playing really well and then falling short on the simple shots.

"The way we came back in the extra end I'm super-thrilled. The table is packed now and it could end up that we could run the table and still not make it, so we're just going to focus on one game, one shot at a time and see where it takes us."

Great Britain

Kyle Smith (after 7-6 extra end win over Italy): "I didn't have a lot of confidence to be honest, that was probably one of my worst games of the week so far, but the guys gave us the chance to win and thankfully I gave the right weight with that last shot. I was just thinking about all the shots I've played in practice and tried to stay in the moment and throw the weight.

"That was a must-win to stay in contention. We're in a decent position and a couple more wins and things will be looking really good."
Kosuke Morozumi (after 8-2 win over United States): "We had really good control from the first end. We threw really well and read the ice well so that makes us good. No, we're not surprised at our position. We thought we had a chance at 0-5 or 5-0 but 3-3 is good for us. We're just going to go back, relax and have some food."
Peter Gallant, coach (after 12-5 win over China): "We got off to a really good start. Our skip picked up the ice from the first rock of the game. We got a couple of breaks, they missed a few shots in the first end that could have put us in trouble. We're not getting ahead of ourselves. We're just trying to go out there and relax. We've played all these teams before multiple times - so it's trying to put it into perspective. At the end of the day, it's a curling game and if we can go out there and do that then all we have to focus on is making shots."
Anna Hasselborg (after 8-6 extra end win over Great Britain): "We knew coming into this that there would be a lot of close games and a lot of 10, 11 ends games. So, we just focus on the scoreboard and having the hammer in the extra is huge. It's a position that we like. I think it's just important to score whenever you can.

[on being an Olympian] "I'm proud to be one of those Swedish women who have been here because we have so many good players who come from Sweden. It's an honour to play for Sweden at the Olympics."
Niklas Edin (after 11-4 win over Japan): "We had a really nice start and we felt it was going to curl a lot in this game. We played really well in the first end and we got three points. After that, it was easier for us because they had to chase us. After that it felt like we could have used cruise-control."


Peter de Cruz (after 8-6 win over Canada): "[beating Canada] is really good for the confidence. It means that we can beat the best, even when they play really well. Of course we had the four in the first end, but the first thing I said to the guys was “be ready to play 10, 11 ends”.

"[On our position in the standings,] we knew we were probably ranked number three of the teams here coming in. We knew we had a good chance to make play-offs. Obviously finishing 0-2 on the first day didn't really help but I think we're [going] in the right direction to getting a place in the play-offs."

Thomas Ulsrud (after 10-8 win over Denmark): "The [Olympic] dream is still alive but it's hanging by a thread. I think we've played really well in the last couple of games but just lost at the end. Now we managed to win one and it feels good. As soon as you start thinking about it - if I lose this game or I miss this shot, we're out - then the shot becomes much more difficult. Curling is easy - hit the broom at the right speed and you make the shot."
Thomas Ulsrud (after 8-5 win over United States): "We're still alive and playing pretty ok. To win in the Olympics you need a little bit of luck and we had that today, especially in the fifth end. John was unfortunate enough to miss and score one instead of scoring three. We came back in the sixth and played a perfect last stone for three, and that was the game right there."