Women's gold medal final - athlete quotes

  • Women's gold medal final © WCF / Richard Gray

Flash quotes from the women's gold medal final and final day of the Olympic Winter Games 2018.

Anna Hasselborg (after winning Olympic gold medals): "We have a lot of respect for Team Kim. They play a very good and aggressive game. We wanted to play a little simpler to them and play to our strengths. We were very prepared for a long and tough game. They are a good team and we knew we lost to them in round robin.

"We are just so happy the crowd has been sold out. That's such a cool feeling for a curler. The Korean audience has been amazing. They didn't cheer for us today, we tried to use their energy as our energy. It's so great so see a full crowd at curling and I hope to see that in the future so thank you Korea for that.

"I think that we have a legacy of very strong women curlers and for us we have always looked up to them and now we have one on our team and she has brought a lot of experience to our team. Also we have watched Anette Norberg preform very well in Olympic finals before and we analysed her games before we came here. It's difficult to say why Sweden is a strong nation, but we like to work hard and we know what it takes to win a gold medal. Maria really did a great job in bringing the experience we needed today.

"Just thinking about the journey is making me almost want to cry. In 2015 we put this team together. Every single day since that point we have worked so hard to reach this game and to go out there and perform the way we did today I'm crazy proud. It's not the end of a journey here, it's a journey that's just got started. I'm overwhelmed that I get to do it with this team. They made my life really easy as a skip. I love each and every one. It's so much fun we're having the time of our lives."
EunJung Kim (after taking silver medals): "This is the first medal in Korean curling history and we've been through a lot. But we're happy to be trailblazers. The Sweden team was very strong and played some very good shots during the game. We've lost in finals a lot, so some people are joking that I need to change my name, which means silver. We really wanted to win the gold medal."
SeonYeong Kim (after taking silver medals): "We're very thankful for the huge Korean support. This was a big difference for us, so we're very grateful for the support."