Team competition day two - athlete quotes

  • Team Korea Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Flash quotes from the second day of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 team competitions.

Kevin Koe (after 7-4 win over Norway): "That was a close game and it could have gone against us. Anytime you win here it feels good, especially that one, that one was a grind. They are a great team but we made the shots when we had to coming down the stretch."

Great Britain

Kyle Smith (after 6-5 win over Japan): "We had a few chances in that game. Early on we had a chance to take a three-point lead but we didn't quite manage it. The Japanese came back strong, they're a good team and we knew what to expect from them. The boys played a good latter half of the game and gave me the eight-foot draw for the win, so I can't ask for any more than that."
Eve Muirhead (after 8-7 extra end win over China): "That's the skip's job - to nail those last shots. It felt like a fantastic team performance, the girls played great and we showed a lot of guts and determination. I think that's really important when it comes to tough games like that. Our heads could have gone down but we stayed positive and came up with the win."
Joel Retornaz (after 10-9 win over USA): "It was definitely a rollercoaster. There were lots of ups and downs in this game. We took the lead in the beginning with a big end and they came back and we got a bit upset about that. We were able to react and take the lead back, and then they came back again! So we had to draw to the eight-foot in the last end to win.

"But you can't expect to win games easily here. We always expect we have to win games in the last end with the last rock. We're happy about the win. It doesn't happen every day that you score five against a good team at the Olympics. We have to learn, it's a learning situation and it's even better if you win the game in the end."
J.D. Lind; coach (after 8-5 win over Denmark): "Another good win. We'll take wins early in the week for sure! The ice was a little different today, but the most important thing early in the week is to try to learn the conditions and feel comfortable. We all understand that the first games might be a little tough but you want to be in the position where you peak a the end of the week.

"This team is really dedicated and work really hard and we've tried to develop our own style and that's a big part of why we've improved so quickly and steadily over the years. We're not trying to emulate anyone else and, now we have our identity, we're slowly getting better."

J.D. Lind, coach (after 7-5 win over Korea): "We're the only team on three wins right now, so that's a pretty good statement to start with. We played well early but couldn't get points on the board and then Korea played well in the last half and we had to really fight. We made some great shots and managed to win."
EunJung Kim (after 8-6 win over Canada): "We focused very hard on the competition, so I think the result came out well. At first, I was very worried about making any mistakes but as time passed by I was satisfied with the result because it came up better than I expected. At first, I felt a lot of pressure because Canada is number one in the world but after winning, our team gained a lot of confidence. But we still need to focus on our team."

Olympic Athlete from Russia

Victoria Moiseeva (after 7-6 extra end win over China): "It was so much better than yesterday. Yesterday was a really tough loss for us, but we talked a lot with the team and coach about what happened. We kind of knew that could happen in the very first game so we just reset ourselves. Especially in the very end, it was an exciting and interesting game and of course I'm very happy and proud of my team that we could win this one."
Anna Hasselborg (after 7-6 extra end win over Canada): "They are such a good team, and we're happy that we had the hammer in the extra end. We were in control pretty much the whole game because they were chasing, but when I missed the double in the eighth then the game was back on again. Having hammer in the last end is something that you should be happy about. We took then on and we made it work."


Peter de Cruz (after 9-7 win over Denmark): "It's a relief. It's a big relief. I felt that yesterday we had some pretty good performances and just didn't capitalise on one or two opportunities. This time we did. We had one or two more opportunities this game because I feel the Danes didn't have their best. We just capitalised on their mistakes and took the opportunities.

[on Olympic experience] "It's been great. In this game, Denmark took a time-out in the 9th end and I just took a seat from one of the umpires and was just sitting there like 'ah' this is pretty cool. You can be 1-2 and results not really going your way so far, but it's a cool experience."
Silvana Tirinzoni (after 6-5 win over United States): "I feel much better now. Everybody on the team played better than yesterday and we felt more comfortable on the ice than yesterday. If we play the way we did today, we are fine for the rest of the week. You're never going to be perfect, but if we play this way, we have chances."

United States

Nina Roth (after 7-4 win over Great Britain): "We definitely had a better handle on the ice than in the last game. Our rock placement was much better too. We're feeling more comfortable out there and that definitely played a big part in us coming out on top today.

"They're a great team and we had to hang tough with them and came out on top. We've got a really strong game too, so this being our first Olympics, we're just happy that we're comfortable and playing really good."