Olympic Winter Games - Day 8 - MEN

Standings after 12 sessions/End of Round Robin

1. CAN 9-0 (Qualified for semi-finals)
2. NOR 7-2 (Qualified for semi-finals)
3. SUI 6-3 (Qualified for semi-finals)
4. GBR 5-4 (Tie-breaker)
4. SWE 5-4 (Tie-breaker)
6. GER 4-5
7. FRA 3-6
8. CHN 2-7
9. DEN 2-7
10. USA 2-7

Men Session 12:
CHN-CAN 3-10, SWE-DEN 7-6, GBR-NOR 5-9, SUI-FRA 6-2

Although the men’s round-robin stage is now complete, the semi-final line-up is not yet clear, with the results from the last session meaning that a tie-breaker between Great Britain’s David Murdoch and Sweden’s Niklas Edin is needed to finalise the fourth semi-final slot.

Murdoch’s men went down by 5-9 to Norway’s Thomas Ulsrud, who scored twos in the first, third and fifth ends, before being handed a game-winning steal of three when Murdoch’s raise attempt went wrong.

“We just got the angles wrong” shrugged Ewan MacDonald, Britain’s third player. This win, watched by Harald V, King of Norway, gave Norway second place in the rankings.

As that game unfolded, there was drama on the next sheet, with Sweden fighting for survival against Denmark. Sweden had opened with a three, but Denmark battled back to level the game at 6-6 after nine.

In the tenth end Edin had a hit and stay to score the one point needed for a 7-6 victory and a further chance to qualify.

Canada’s Kevin Martin completed his unblemished round-robin programme with a one-sided 10-3 win over the People’s Republic of China, a win that was set up when he scored four in the first end.

Afterwards a pleased John Morris,
Canada’s third, said, “we’re in the position we want to be in and what more can you ask for? Bring it on”.

In the fourth game of the session, Switzerland’s Marcus Eggler was in charge throughout to beat France’s Thomas Dufour by 6-2.

The Swiss ranked third overall and now go into a semi-final against second-placed Norway, while top-ranked Canada await the winner of the tie-breaker between Britain and Sweden.

Speaking about his semi-final opponents, Swiss skip Eggler said, “we know it will be a tough game and we are the underdogs. Norway are the best European team”.

Germany finished their programme ranked sixth on four wins and France finish
seventh on three wins.

Although China, Denmark and the United States of America all had two wins, because of the record in games involving all three, China finished eighth, Denmark ranked ninth and USA was tenth.

The tie-breaker between Great Britain and Sweden will take place at 14:00 local time on Wednesday 24 February.