Olympic Winter Games - Day 7 - MEN

Standings after 11 sessions:

CAN 8-0 (Qualified for semi-finals)
NOR 6-2 (Qualified for semi-finals)
GBR 5-3
SUI 5-3
SWE 4-4
GER 4-5
FRA 3-5
CHN 2-6
DEN 2-6
USA 2-7

Men Session 11:
GER-GBR 2-8, FRA-DEN 6-5 (extra end), CHN-USA 11-5 Men Session 10: FRA-NOR 2-9, CAN-USA 7-2, GER-CHN 7-6, SUI-SWE 7-3

Canada and Norway are through to the semi-finals of the men’s curling competition at the Olympic Winter Games.

Of the three games that were played in the eleventh session of men’s round-robin play, the only one that mattered in determining the other teams for the semi-finals was the clash between Germany and Great Britain.

As this game started, both still had semi-final possibilities, but Britain’s David Murdoch dominated throughout to win by 8-2 in eight ends and put paid to Germany’s Andy Kapp’s medal hopes.

The damage was done in the third and fourth ends when Germany gave up steals of one and two, as Kapp struggled to find his draw weight.

Elsewhere, the People’s Republic of China, who had gone down narrowly by 6-7 to Germany in the tenth session, beat USA by 11-5 for only their second win.

While China have one game left to play, this result meant that USA, who had once again shuffled their line-up after being beaten 7-2 by unbeaten Canada in the tenth session, concluded their Olympic campaign on two wins and seven losses.

In the third game of the eleventh session France’s Thomas Dufour beat Denmark by 6-5 after an extra end.

Earlier Norway beat France by 9-2 in the tenth session, and sat out the eleventh. Norway’s closing game – against Britain – will have a direct bearing on who else joins them and Canada, or whether a tie-breaker will be needed.

A Norwegian loss in that game would put Britain straight into the semi-finals, while a British loss would likely put them into a tie-breaker.

Also involved are Switzerland, who, like Britain are currently on five wins.

The Swiss face France in their round-robin closer, and Sweden who, after losing to Switzerland by 3-7 in the tenth session, are on four wins as they go onto the ice against Denmark for their last round-robin game.