Olympic Winter Games - Day 6 - WOMEN

Standings after 9 sessions:

CAN 5-1
SWE 5-1
CHN 5-2
JPN 3-3
SUI 3-3
GBR 3-4
GER 3-4
DEN 2-5
RUS 2-5
USA 2-5

Women Session 9:
CHN-CAN 6-5 (extra end), JPN-GER 6-7, USA-SWE 3-9 Women

Session 8:
GBR-SUI 6-10, GER-DEN 5-6, CAN-USA 9-2, RUS-JPN 9-12 (extra end)

Canada’s unbeaten record in the round robin of the women’s curling competition was broken on Sunday night by China.

Bingyu Wang led 3-0 after two ends and 4-1 after four ends. But Cheryl Bernard came storming back with single points in the fifth, sixth and seventh ends to tie the game at 4-4.

No risks were taken by either team after that and it took China an extra end to edge home 6-5.

Chinese Skip Bingyu Wang was lost for words after the game, as she lost her voice from shouting instructions to her teammates above the 5000-strong chanting and cheering mostly Canadian crowd.

In the other games on Sunday night Germany narrowly won over Japan 7-6, after leading 4-1 at the half way point.

The Germans recovered winning form after losing 5-6 to Denmark’s Angelina Jensen earlier in the day. The Japanese took a step back in the evening after beating the Russian Federation 12-9 in the morning.

At the end of play on day 6 Sweden were tied at the top of the rankings with Canada on a five wins one loss record after a convincing 9-3 victory over the USA.

The Americans had shuffled their playing order to let Alison Pottinger play fourth stones and Skip Debbie McCormick moved down to third after they had suffered a heavy 9-2 loss at the hands of Canada in morning action.

Switzerland and Great Britain did not pay in session 9. But earlier, in session 8, the Swiss beat Great Britain 10-6. Mirjam Ott’s team gained an early lead in the fourth end with a steal of four, to give the Swiss an 8-1 advantage and the game was effectively over at that stage.