Olympic Winter Games - Day 3 - MEN

Standings after 5 sessions:
All teams except FRA and CHN have now played 4 games

CAN 4-0
NOR 3-1
SUI 3-1
SWE 3-1
GBR 2-2
CHN 1-2
FRA 1-2
DEN 1-3
GER 1-3
USA 0-4

Men Session 5:
SWE-CHN 6-5 (extra end), GBR-DEN 9-6, NOR-SUI 7-4, FRA-CAN 5-12

Men Session 4:
DEN-USA 7-6, NOR-GER 7-4, CAN-SWE 7-3, SUI-GBR 4-3

Not for the first time at a major championship event, Canada’s Kevin Martin stands alone, undefeated at the top of the rankings after the fifth round-robin session of the Vancouver Winter Olympics curling competition, with four wins and no losses.

Canada achieved this position on Thursday evening with perhaps their most emphatic victory so far, beating France by 12-5, thanks largely to a score of five in the fourth end. France’s Thomas Dufour had no real response to this and he eventually conceded when Canada piled in another three points in the eighth. This Canadian victory came after their 7-3 win over Sweden in the fourth session.

Sweden’s Niklas Edin recovered to win on Thursday evening, as did Norway’s Thomas Ulsrud, who had earlier beaten Germany’s Andy Kapp by 7-4. These two teams, along with Switzerland’s Markus Eggler, who lost to Norway by 4-7 in the fifth session, now share second place in the rankings on one loss each.

Sweden’s Edin beat the People’s Republic of China team, led by Fengchun Wang, by 6-5 in an extra end to grab his second-place slot.

After losing out on a last-stone decider against Switzerland in the fourth session, reigning world champion David Murdoch from Great Britain kept his semi-final hopes alive with a 9-6 win over Denmark on Thursday evening, scoring three in the tenth end with a straightforward hit and stay.

Murdoch now lies in fifth place on two wins, one victory ahead of France and the Chinese.

Both Germany’s Andy Kapp, who had lost by 4-7 to Norway in the fourth session, and USA’s John Shuster, who had previously gone down by 6-7 to Denmark in an extra-end thriller, sat out the fifth session and these two teams now prop up the rankings. Germany now have just one win, as do Denmark, while USA is still to record a victory, sitting on four losses.