Olympic Winter Games - Day 5 - WOMEN

Standings after 7 sessions:

CAN 4-0
SWE 4-1
CHN 4-2
GBR 3-3
JPN 2-2
GER 2-3
SUI 2-3
USA 2-3
RUS 2-4
DEN 1-5

Women Session 7:
SWE-RUS 1-10, USA-GBR 6-5 (extra end), DEN-SUI 7-8, GER-CHN 7-9 (extra end)

The seventh women’s round-robin session produced arguably the biggest surprise result of the event so far, when the Russian Federation beat previously unbeaten defending Olympic champions Sweden by 10-1 in just seven ends of a completely one-sided encounter.

By contrast, it also saw two games go to extra ends, with USA overcoming Great Britain by 6-5, thanks to single steals in the tenth and eleventh ends. The People’s Republic of China scored two in the extra end to finally beat Germany by 9-7.

In the other game on the ice for this session, Switzerland had a final stone
7-6 win over Denmark, to effectively end the Danes’ medal campaign. Canada and Japan sat out this session.

The Russian victory started in the third end when Sweden’s Anette Norberg picked-up with her last stone to hand Russia’s Ludmila Privivkova, restored to skipping duties for this game, a steal of three.

The game went from bad to worse for Norberg, who cut her losses at 1-10 down by conceding after the seventh.

After her defeat by USA’s Debbie McCormick, Britain’s nineteen-year-old skip Eve Muirhead was clear about where the blame lay. “I put that game down to myself, a few slack shots let us down”.

These results leave Canada as the only unbeaten women’s team with four wins.
While Sweden and China also have four wins, Sweden now has one loss, while China has two.

Britain stands alone on three wins in fourth place, with a pile-up below them of five teams on two wins. Only Denmark have now reached the dreaded stage of five losses.